Temple of Epicurius Apollon

From village Andritsaina the road south-west brings one to the Temple of Apollo Epicurios at Bassae. This temple, the work of Iktinos, is dated to c. 420B.C.And was built over an older temple bythe inhabitants of Phygalia to thank Apollo for everting sickness. The temple, which is the most fully preserved in Greece (excepting only the Theseion in Athens) is built of local limestone in the Doric peripteral style.The temple is located 90km SW from the port. We need 1 hour and 20 minutes driving. We must start as early as we can and of course we must visit it at the begining of the tour.

The time which you need there is about 1 hour. To do this tour itselfyou need at least 4 hours. To do it together with Olympia at least 6 hours and 7+ to add the winery or lunch. We need about 55 minutes driving from the temple to Olympia because we'll follow different roads.

Epicurius Apollon can be combined with the incredible river of Neda



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