Merkouri estate

If anything characterizes particularly Domaine Mercouri this is the environment. The beautiful green and blue nature that surrounds it, the richness of flora and fauna diversity.In terms of topography, the Estate occupies a roughly rectangular area, which is west bounded by the bay “Chortais” two small headlands on either side, the rocky ‘Crow’ at the entrance of the bay and the Ionian Sea.It consists of a flat, nearly horizontal section which developed vineyards, olive groves, the premises of the winery and the family residence and a slope, which descends towards the sea and is full of cypresses, oaks, cedars, oaks , laurel and oleander, myrtle, mastic arokaries and multitude of other trees and plants. All the vegetation in this area of the estate is the product of long-term effort to develop indigenous flora and supplemented with new types of forest and ornamental plants. The spread of the coast is rocky, uneven design fits perfectly on the overall image of the area.

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