Katakolon-Olympia Tours/Half Day


  • ●From katakolon port to Olympia takes 30 minutes max
  • ●Recommended duration is 4,5 hours by:TAXI-VAN-BUS
  • ●You will need 1:15 hour to visit the archaeological site and 1 hour for the museum
  • ●Free time in the center of town depanding on your desire for shopping or lunch in a greek traditional tavern
  • ●Stop at saint andrew beach for coffee or swimming
  • No charge for any extra time taken


On your arrival at the beautiful port of katakolon we will  be waiting for you at the meeting point outside your ship   in customs with a sign with your name on it to make it easier for you to recognize us.Once we welcome you,you will be able to see for yourselves that you will be travelling in the luxury of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Throughout our journey we wil provide you with free wifi,laptops,dvds(archaeological site and the museum)in all languages and several books to inform you  even more.Our trip to Olympia  will last 30 minutes max.Driving there ,on the regional road,you can see the beautiful city of Pyrgos which is the capital of the state of Ilias and has a population of 40,000 people.

The duration of the tour is 4 hours.On arrival in Olympia ,the first thing that will strike you is the lush greenery of the area.As we go through the city you will notice many souvenir shops.On passing these,we reach  the entrance of the archeological site and the Archaeological Museum where you will have the opportunity to see the archaeological site for1 hour and15 minutes (the state ,the temple of Hera and the temple of Zeus) .After the archaeological site you will be able to visit the Archaeological Museum which houses the famous Hermes of Praxiteles( 1hour).After seeing these important monuments then you have these options: free time inside the town of Olympia,an additional ride in the outer area in the car for photos of beautiful views,walk to the village of Ancient pissa  5km from the town of Olympia to enjoy a very nice meal in a family tavern called Bacchus which also boasts incredible views.(www.bacchustavern.gr)

As we return to the port from Olympia ,holding on to  all the knowledge of the historical place that has been the focus of the Olympic games until today,our extra options will be a stop at the beautiful beach of saint Adrew,five minutes away from the harbor,where you will be able to enjoy a fantastic view ,go swimming,have a coffee or something to eat on.Finishing and returning to the port you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful view of the cruise ships that happen to be there on the day and in this way we will finish  the tour with  your alighting at the boarding point.We will be thankful for your trust in us and we will be glad to see you again soon!


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