Katakolon-Chlemoutsi tour


From  katakolon port to killini port its 45 min
Recommended duration is 5h by taxi or van
1 hour and 15 minutes to visit the Castle of Chlemoutsi

● 1hour to visit Killini baths

Free time in the center of town to have lunch or drink coffee at Killini or Arkoudi

No charge for any extra time taken


A magical destination like a magnet that pulls you in.This tour is includes with historical monuments,breathtaking  landscapes.beautiful views,an important port and a  wonderful castle .Killini is 45 minutes from the port   and it is a town that can combine both history and entertainment.

 The duration of the tour is 5 hours.First stop on the itinerary is killini , a beautiful town with an important port that connects the peloponesse with the islands of zakintho and kefalonia.There you  will have the opportunity to visit the castle of chlemoutsi.

Built between 1220 and 1223,during the Frankish Reign,by Geoffrey II of Villehardouin in Ilia, it protected Andravida(ag.sophia)and its seaport.You will need about 1hour and 15 minutes  to explore the castle one of the most remarkable lookout locations in Greece

The ticket is 3€ each person

After that ,you will have plenty of time to enjoy a coffee or a lunch on killini beach or arkoudi beach.Small,traditional fish taverns and other  sites by the beach offer plenty of recreational Options to visitors. And for those  who want to swim, these beaches are highly recommended!!!Finally we will bring you back to the port of katakolon safely and on time sure that you will have had a great time!

Τhe tour is flexible so any adjustments the customer wants can be of course discussed on the way



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