Foloi is a 20 km drive from ancient Olympia.It is one of the rarest forests in Europe and the unique in the Balcans.It is totally flat because it is over the Foloi plateau.It is one of the most extraordinary cases of platea.Tall oaks ,some of them standing upright in the likes of cypresses,other bigger thick-branched,imposing .Daffodils and terns are the only plants found in the area.The entire plateau is dominated by oaks.The locals use to call Foloi f orest as Kapeli which means dense or abundant forest.Kapeli is also known as ilias”s balcony.Near the inhabited areas and gorges you can find chestnuts,planes,kermes,oaks and other trees.Kapeli or folio forest got its name from the centaur Folos who lived in the forest.Folos was Iraklis ;friend and that is impressive because centaurs were not known as being friendly.Several pathways passing through the forest make Kapeli an ideal location for horse riding and cycling .

The oak forest is an important nesting area for birds in Greece,which attests to the overall environmental quality of the area.

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