Ancient Elis

Elis was one of the most influential hubs in the Peloponnesian during the ancient times.It was built in the early 5th century BC on the location where the valley of lies today,on the left bank of Peneios river.

It was the city that hosted the Olympic games and the capital of the Eleans.Elis communicated with Olympia through the sacred paths.It was one of the the largest cities in the ancient Peloponnese until it was devastated by the roman Heruli(267 BC).The city had no fortification,some of the most remarkable buidings were the ‘gymnasia’,the Lalichmnion Bouleuterion,and others.Athletes would gather in Elis to train for one month before the Olympic games.The uncovered structures on the site date back to the late Hellenistic to roman times.The fertile land and the mild climatic conditions benefited the development of agriculture and livestock breeding.It is worth noting that elis and eleans ( in ancient times known as phalie and phaleans)signified the valley and it is inhabitants respectively.





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