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Olympia Land Winery

Olympia Land Estate is located in a small village, Koskina, only two kilometers from the heart of Ancient Olympia, but very close to Pyrgos (20 km), the capital of the prefecture Ilia, and also in Katakolon (32 km) the commercial and tourist port of the county.In the place where our ancestors 150 years ago began the cultivation of raisins and wine grapes varieties.Today the Olympia Land  Estate is a family winery that began to produce small quantities of quality wines in the early 2000, and since 2008 creates the modern winery of the estate.


Foloi is a 20 km drive from ancient Olympia.It is one of the rarest forests in Europe and the unique in the Balcans.It is totally flat because it is over the Foloi plateau.It is one of the most extraordinary cases of platea.Tall oaks ,some of them standing upright in the likes of cypresses,other bigger thick-branched,imposing .Daffodils and terns are the only plants found in the area.The entire plateau is dominated by oaks.The locals use to call Foloi f orest as Kapeli which means dense or abundant forest.Kapeli is also known as ilias”s balcony.Near the inhabited areas and gorges you can fi

Kyllini baths

Kyllini baths located a short distance from the Arkoudi and Kastro Kyllini Village.
The lush pine forest and the beach is very impressive and attracts thousands of visitors every year, who exploit the sandy beach with their friends or families and Kyllini baths hot springs and spas for their health in a unique environment.

Neda river

The Neda (Greek: Νέδα) is a river in the western Peloponnese in Greece.
It is unique in the sense that it is the only river in Greece with a feminine name
The river begins on the southern slope of Mount Lykaion, near the village of Neda in northern Messenia.
It flows to the west through a varied landscape of barren rock and forests.

Katakolon mountain

The only mountain of Katakolon, will offer you an incredible view of the Ionian Sea and the port of Katakolon. The existence of dense vegetation, creates a unique location and the best way to see it is by renting a motorbike. The following pictures will convince you.

Katakolon market

Graphic with intense traditional color, combining sea and mountain. The visitor has many options to fill your free time or enjoy your holidays. Undoubtedly Katakolon is a place one needs plenty of time to explore the beauty and discover the magic of this place, it is not accidental that anyone who spends a little time here, fefgontas all he has in mind is returning, justifiably Katakolon is the most popular summer destinations.

Skafidia monastery

The Holy monastery of Skafidia is located 10 klm from Pyrgos and near the blue waters of Ionion sea.It took it’s name after The Holy Mary of Skafidia and it was built in 10th century A.D.You can also see “treasures” as Holy Vessels ,Vestments, reliquary and a library of handwritten books among them you can see how the Monastery helped in the Greek revolution of 1821.Nowadays the Monastery consists of 4 nuns

Katakolon beach

Katakolon beach is sandy and extends a long way, making your swimming you can enjoy the beautiful view of the port of Katakolon and the hills that extends around.

A trip worth making!


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