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Ancient Olympia

One of the most important sanctuaries of antiquity, dedicated to the father of the gods Olympian Zeus. Olympia is the birthplace and celebrated in antiquity the Olympic Games.
The excavations at Olympia began in May 1829, two years after the battle of Navarino, by French archaeologists. The findings (parts of the metopes and opisthodomos portico of the temple of Zeus) were transferred to the Louvre Museum, where they are exposed today.

The new museum of Olympia

On 24 of March 2004 the gates of three new Museums were opened for the public.The Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens were the driving force for the beginning of a huge plan that took place in Ancient Olympia so the Museums can be renovated.Since the day it was announced that the Olympic Games would come to Greece, Ancient Olympia was developed and renovated.

Archaeological Old Museum of Olympia

The Old Museum reopened as a Museum of the History of the Olympic Games.
The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is one of the most important museums in Greece. It hosts collections of finds from the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia, where they were born and celebrated in antiquity the Olympic Games. Its collections include:

Temple of Epicurius Apollon

From village Andritsaina the road south-west brings one to the Temple of Apollo Epicurios at Bassae. This temple, the work of Iktinos, is dated to c. 420B.C.And was built over an older temple bythe inhabitants of Phygalia to thank Apollo for everting sickness. The temple, which is the most fully preserved in Greece (excepting only the Theseion in Athens) is built of local limestone in the Doric peripteral style.The temple is located 90km SW from the port.

Castle Chlemoutsi

Chlemoutsi or Chloumoutsi or Clermont or Castel Tornese was the most important castle of the Princedom of Achaia. Built between 1220 and 1223 during the Frankish Reign from Geoffrey II of Villehardouin in Ilia, it protected Andravida and also its seaport, Glarentza. The Castle’s original name was Clermont, as named by its French owners. The Greeks named it Chloumoutsi as shown in the Morias Chronicle, or Chlemoutsi which is the name that reached up to our time.

Ancient Elis

Elis was one of the most influential hubs in the Peloponnesian during the ancient times.It was built in the early 5th century BC on the location where the valley of lies today,on the left bank of Peneios river.

Merkouri estate

If anything characterizes particularly Domaine Mercouri this is the environment. The beautiful green and blue nature that surrounds it, the richness of flora and fauna diversity.In terms of topography, the Estate occupies a roughly rectangular area, which is west bounded by the bay “Chortais” two small headlands on either side, the rocky ‘Crow’ at the entrance of the bay and the Ionian Sea.

St. Andrew beach

The best way to finish your tour. A wonderful place to drink a cofee or a beer before the ship. It’s a litle bit rocky as a beach for swimming but because it’s only 5 minutes from the port many cruisers take a moto to spend some hours there.

Monastery of Kremasty

It stands as if it is hanging from the rock.The monastery can be reached via the villages of Lanthi or Labeti.From the chapel’s balcony a visitor can get a bird’s eye view of the beauty of the ilian landscape,foloe forest and the splendour of Erymanthos.According to legend,800 years ago some locals saw a light in a hole in the rock at night.They had someone hang from a rope and go into the hole to find out what the light was.When he arrived at the spot.he found an icon of he Virgin Mary hanging in the air.

Floka theater

Floka theater is the theater of ancient Olympia where it is located  3 km far from the town ofOlympia. It got its name from the village of floka It is a newly built theatre that has been constructed with the same architectured style as Epidauros theatre,in other words.amphitheatrically.Floka theatre has hosted dance,opera.classical music and drama events inclunding  in the annual Ancient Olympia Festival which is held during the summer(june through September).so that’s the reason that attracts large audiences and huge numbers of visitors.


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